Capital Area Chess

with the approval of the US Chess Federation, Confederation of Chess for America (CCA) and FIDE


Proudly invites Players and Federations from North American countries (United States of America, Canada and Mexico) to the


2023 North American Junior U20 Championships

Dec 19th to Dec 23rd 2023


At the Washington Dulles Marriott Airport Hotel, Dulles, Virginia, USA

BOOKING LINK (Group Rate deadline Dec 5th 2023) OR 1-703- 471-9500 

ROOM BLOCKS ARE VERY LIMITED - PLEASE RESERVE ASAP (Checkin defaults to 12/18 and Checkout defaults to 12/23 - please select correct dates and Edit Stay, after selecting the 'Check Availability')

Advance Entry Submissions received through Jotform

Confirmed/Official Entries, Pairings & Standings are posted here (Chess-Results) - Main Event

Confirmed/Official Entries, Pairings & Standings are posted here (Chess-Results) - Blitz Event

I.                   Dates:

From Dec 19th to Dec 23rd 2023.

II.        Playing Venue:

Washington Dulles Airport Marriott Hotel, Dulles, Virginia 20166 (USA)

 III.        Participants:

Chess players with a FIDE ID and a flag from Mexico, USA or Canada, born since the year Jan 1st 2003. Each National Federation may register as many players as they wish.

 IV.        Categories:

Open and Female

 V.        Schedule:





Mon Dec 18th


All day

Tue Dec 19th

Opening ceremony

09:30 local time

Tue Dec 19th

Round 1

10:00 local time

Tue Dec 19th

Round 2

17:00 local time

Wed Dec 20th

Round 3

10:00 local time

Wed Dec 20th

Round 4

17:00 local time

Thu Dec 21st

Round 5

10:00 local time

Thu Dec 21st

Round 6

17:00 local time

Fri Dec 22nd

Round 7

10:00 local time

Fri Dec 22nd

Round 8

17:00 local time

Sat Dec 23rd

Round 9

10:00 local time

Sat Dec 23rd

Closing Ceremony

15:00 local time

Sat Dec 23rd

North American Blitz Tournament

18:00 local time

Sun Dec 24th


All day


VI.              Health Protocol:

Virginia State’s Department of Health and Local authorities Health Protocols will be enforced. It will be optional (but strongly recommended) to wear masks during the entire event.

VII.             Titles and Norms:

In accordance with the FIDE Handbook, this tournament will award international titles and norms as follows:



U20 Open


U20 Female


1st place:

IM title and GM norm


1st place:

WIM title and WGM norm


2nd place:

FM title and IM norm


2nd place:

WFM title and WIM norm


3rd place:

FM title and IM norm


3rd place:

WFM title and WIM norm


VIII.             Prizes:

The following prizes will be awarded to both Open and Female categories:

Medals to the top three places.

Other Awards/Certificates upto 10 places.

In accordance to the FIDE Handbook, the first place will earn an Official Player spot in the Pan-American Chess Championship U20 and in the North American Junior Chess Championship U20 for 2024, if still eligible by age.

 IX.             Competition Rules:

Pairing System:

The tournament will be played according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds. Pairings will be made with the FIDE official software, Swiss-Manager. FIDE and US Chess Rated, December 2021 FIDE ratings used for pairings.

Time control: 90 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from the 1st move.

Byes: No half-point byes, zero-point byes only

Default time: 30 minutes after the scheduled time of each round. A loss by default will automatically disqualify the infringer (player) from the event, unless the intention to continue is notified before the end of the round.

Tie-Breaks: The following tie-break system will be applied in the following order:

a)     Results of direct encounters between the tied players (applies only if all tied players have played each other).

b)     Buchholz Cut 1

c)   Buchholz

d)  System Sonneborn-Berger

e)  The greater number of victories (points by default will count)

f)     The greater number of games with the black pieces (games not played will count as white)

g)     Age (younger is better)


Appeals Committee: It will be designated before the start of competition in accordance with the FIDE Handbook.

Laws of Chess: Current FIDE Laws of Chess will apply.

Arbiters: FIDE Certified Arbiters and US Chess Certified Tournament Directors will be appointed by Capital Area Chess.

X.             Registration:

Official Players:

Official Players are Gold Medalists from the 2022 North American Junior U20 Chess Championships in Mexico in each Category.

One Representative from each Federation in each Category are also Official Players (Each Federation can register only one Official Player in each category).

Official players must confirm their participation through their Federation before November 12th, 2023. * Registration deadline for Official Players of Each Federation will be November 12th, 2023.

These players will have the right for a FREE ENTRY to the Tournament including the $75 CCA Player fees. $250/Official player will be provided as a stipend to cover for accommodation and food expenses. Official players must be registered by Nov 12th in order to receive these conditions.

Additional Players:

Players with a FIDE ID, flag from Mexico, USA or Canada, and born since the year 2003 (Jan 1st 2003), must register before the registration deadline online (Registration link coming soon). Official Players will need to Register by e-mail to by attaching a letter of permission to participate from their corresponding Federation.

All registration is to be done online by the player directly with the Organizer. It is not necessary to go through the federation to register or pay for this tournament.

XII. Registration Fees:

Early Entry fee: $160 by Oct 19th 2023;

Late Entry Fee: $175 Oct 19th 2023 until Dec 17th 2023

*Registration Fees includes the CCA rights of USD $75. (No ONLINE Registrations after 12/17/2023). NO Half-Point byes are allowed. Withdrawls before Dec 17th will be eligible for a refund after deducting a 10% service charge. Any withdrawls or Entries received after the Dec 17th registration deadline OR onsite will incur a $50 Penalty.



Advance Entry Submissions received through Jotform

Confirmed/Official Entries, Pairings & Standings are posted here (Chess-Results)

XIII. North American Blitz Tournament:

Categories: Open and Female

System: 9-round Swiss System in one section.

Time control: 3 minutes with an additional 2 seconds increment from 1st move.

Tie-breaks: The same as in the main tournament.

Registration: By online registration form, and onsite at the playing venue until December 23rd 17:00.

Fee: USD $25 per player until Dec 17th; $35 after and Onsite at the playing venue.

Prizes: Medal and Certificates for the top three players in each Category (Open and Female).

XIV. Tournament Venue/Hotel:

Washington Dulles Airport Marriott Hotel, 45020 Aviation Drive, Dulles, Virginia 20166 (USA)

Washington Dulles Airport Marriott hotel is next to a major International & Domestic Airport – Washington Dulles Airport (IAD). Players flying into the DCA airport (Washington Reagan National Airport) should be able to take the Metro ( that connects both the Airports through the Blue/Yellow AND Silver lines. Marriott Shuttle runs between the IAD and Hotel every 15 mins.

Group Room Rate: $114/night Single or Double by Dec 5th. Reservations call 1-703- 471-9500, mention chess tournament North American Junior. OR Click here to Reserve Hotel Room Online

Shuttle: Complementary shuttle service round the clock every 15 minutes (4:30am to 1am)

Restaurant/Dining: There is a Restaurant within the Hotel open from breakfast until 10pm. Also, within a 3-5 mile radius there are several restaurants and great places to eat, for players who have a car to drive around.

Parking: Plenty of free parking is available for overnight guests and players commuting between rounds from other nearby hotels.

Wi-Fi: Complimentary wi-fi is available in rooms for overnight guests and in the lobby area.

XV. Guest Credentials:

Guest Registration fees include credentials to access the Tournament venue (Hallway outside the playing hall AND Limited access inside the playing hall). Parents, Guests, Trainers and Spectators must pay the one-time fees ($20) for access to these restricted areas. Access to skittles/waiting areas, and other areas of the hotel such as the hotel lobby doesn't need a Guest badge. Online deadline Dec 17th. ONSITE GUEST BADGE FEES $30

XVI. Other Rules:

Tournament Regulations posted on the Website is official and final.

Organizers provided Chess Sets, Clocks and Scoresheets MUST be used. Electronic Notation Devices are NOT permitted.

US Chess Membership is REQUIRED and MUST be ACTIVE for players from USA (for both the Main Event and the Blitz Event).

Fair Play; Electronic equipment:
Fair Play measures will be applied in accordance with the FIDE Anti-Doping Guidelines. With the sole exception of play recording equipment, during a game players and captains are prohibited from having at the venue any electronic device that has not been specifically approved by the arbiter. Such devices can be stored in a player's bag, as long as the device is completely turned off. This bag or bag must be placed as agreed with the arbiter and the player is prohibited from using it without the arbiter's permission. Companions or spectators are prohibited from using electronic devices at the place of play, except to take photographs when explicitly approved by the arbiter. 

Cell Phone & Other Electronic Device Penalties: 1st Offense Game Loss; 2nd Offense Remove from Tournament. Spectators 1st Offense Badge Taken away and NOT PERMITTED again in Tournament Hall.

XVII.         Contact:

Organizer: IA/IO/NTD Anand Dommalapati

Official Website: