Washington Dulles Airport Marriott, Dulles, Virginia


Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to COVID-19

(Electronic acceptance is required during the Registration, but a signed hardcopy will also be required by every player/participant and parent prior to the start of the Tournament)

Capital Area Chess recognizes the challenges presented by COVID-19. Precautionary measures will be in place to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19 among players and limited spectators/parents allowed at the event, however Capital Area Chess (including the Tournament Directors and Registration Staff) cannot guarantee that you (or those you come in close contact with) will not become infected with COVID-19. By registering and attending this event, you acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume all risk that you may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19.

We are implementing several requirements to be followed onsite (this includes Tournament playing hall, Skittles rooms, and all the common areas of the Hotel where the players are in contact with other players/participants/members of family/friends). We are asking the attendees to strictly follow the below best-practice suggestions for our attendees at this event, so as to keep everyone safe.

Players who appear to be ill may be removed from the tournament. If you fail consecutive temperature checks (Fever and/or Temperature over 100.4 per the CDC guidelines) or show signs of COVID, you will be given the option to go to a rapid COVID testing center and request a test or to be withdrawn from the tournament immediately. If a player is tested and results are positive, the player will be removed from the tournament. Removals are without a refund. If you play someone who has failed a temperature check or been removed from the tournament, you will be notified and may be asked to do additional temperature checks.


·       Spectators are not allowed at this event. One parent of a minor child who is playing at the event will be allowed. Other Spectators/Parents will need permission from the Organizer and/or Chief TD.

·        Face Masks must be worn in all public spaces of the Hotel site for the event (this includes the Playing hall and Skittles rooms). This is required by both Capital Area Chess and Marriott Dulles. This includes everyone participating in the tournament, not only to the player’s games in progress, but also the tournament staff, and other limited spectators/parents/attendees. You may bring your own face covering and is strongly recommended due to the limited supply. Capital Area Chess will provide face masks as well on request.  There are a limited number of optional Face Shields to be worn on top of Face Mask are available from Organizer upon request.

·        You must be able to check pairings and standings online. Pairings must be known to the player prior to entering the playing hall. Capital Area Chess will be posting pairings on the official tournament website. We will NOT be posting pairings, standings and wallcharts in the hallways. For those who don’t have limited access to phone/computer, players may approach the Registration desk or a Tournament director on the floor to obtain the board# and color, but this is strongly discouraged for those who have the capability to lookup the pairings online before they arrive at the playing hall/board.

·        Players and/or any limited spectators/parents will not be permitted to congregate outside doors of the playing halls. This will be enforced by tournament staff, as well as Marriott security.

·        Social distancing markers must be respected. Please follow these strictly!

·        Random Temperature checks. Will be in place as necessary!

Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in removal from the tournament and/or site, without refund. Capital Area Chess does not wish to cancel an in-progress tournament, but we will do so without hesitation if enough attendees do not respect these safety requirements. Please help us avoid either of these unfortunate outcomes by respecting these rules, which are in place for your safety as well as the safety of those around you!


·        Face coverings will be provided for those who do not have them. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own face covering. Capital Area Chess will not have an unlimited supply.

·        Pairings and standings will be online only. Capital Area Chess will not be posting physical copies of the pairings or standings. All pairings, wallcharts and standings, will be available on the Pairings and Standings page of the official website. This will help limit crowds of people. Please be sure to have a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other Internet-capable device that can check for pairings! Please make sure you know your board number and color for the round before they enter the playing hall!

·        Hand sanitizer will be provided for each player. One small bottle will be at each player’s seat before round one of the main event. There will also be publicly available hand sanitizer stations throughout the site all weekend.

·        The tournament halls will have increased spacing between games in a row and increased spacing between rows. This ensures as much distance as reasonably possible between games.

·        Boards and pieces will be sanitized between rounds. This task will be undertaken by tournament staff.

·        Seating will be adjusted in public areas and skittles to follow the safety protocols and social distancing guidelines. All attendees must strictly follow the safety guidelines posted in the skittles and public areas.

BEST PRACTICE SUGGESTIONS - Your cooperation in following the best practices sets a great example for everyone and to create a safe environment for players!

·        Please be considerate to have only parent come with a minor child under 16 years. By limiting the number of travelers in your party, you will help promote a safer environment for all.

·        If you have a group of children competing, please consider assigning no more than one or two parents to wait for those players in the skittles. This will reduce the crowds around exits and in hallways, which promotes a safer atmosphere for everyone.

·        Get some fresh air outside the hotel or at home for local players in between rounds. We have adjusted the time controls, allowing sufficient time to sanitize the sets and also minimize the time players and parents will be spending in the playing hall and skittles. Its strongly advisable that after the game finishes, the players and parents leave the tournament site (this includes playing hall, skittles and hallways) immediately, unless staying at the Hotel, and return back prior to the start of the next round. This will also allow the Hotel staff to conveniently clean the rooms as needed in between rounds and during the day.

·        If you have/will, any time after Oct 16th, experienced or displayed any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, please do NOT attend. These symptoms include, but are not limited to, fever, respiratory distress, and shortness of breath.

·        If you have/will, any time after Oct 16th, had any close or direct contact with anyone who is either confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19, please do NOT attend. This includes close or direct contact with anyone who is experiencing or displaying any symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

·        If you have/will, any time after Oct 16th, traveled from areas of substantial community spread requiring quarantine by the Virginia Department of Health, traveled from an international location that is in the current US Department of State travel advisory, or traveled on a cruise ship or river cruise, please do NOT attend.

With your help, we will have a safer, more enjoyable experience all around. Capital Area Chess appreciates your help in promoting that safer, more enjoyable environment!